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Stikcups sticks shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and other personal care bottles and tube packs directly onto tiles and shower screens so they are always to hand.

unique ● reusable ● space saving ● fits easily and quickly ● pack size adjustable ● use anyway up ● holds securely - yet easily removed ● take anywhere ● eliminates clutter ● tough and resilient ● convenient and fun!

Stikcups put packs where you want them – anywhere around the wall, within easy reach and at the right height. You can even stick them upside down, speeding-up soap gel dispensing as the bottle empties.

Stikcups design innovation centres around 26 small yet strong suction cups that stick to flat, shiny and non-porous surfaces. They stick with the force of a large conventional suction cup, but only require minimal effort to peel away - unlike the bigger suction cup that would be too powerfully attached to release easily.

It’s a classic “why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” solution. Nothing else exists like Stikcups.

Stikcups has full patent granted IP protection

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